5 Clichés About Filter Coffee You Should Avoid

5 Clichés About Filter Coffee You Should Avoid Malgudi Days

Coffee clichés are a dime a dozen. And why won’t there be? It is one of the most popular drinks consumed across the world. 

These clichés tend to vary depending on the coffee culture of a particular region.

While most of it is based on some reasoning, the fact of the matter is that there’s no absolute principle… even with regard to coffee.

And sometimes these clichés shape public opinion. So much so that it can prevent people from adopting healthy coffee consumption habits.

We don’t want that. So here are 5 clichés about filter coffee that you should avoid.

Coffee = Caffeine

Over time, coffee has become synonymous with caffeine. 

A lot of people associate drinking coffee with needing caffeine or enjoying the feel of caffeine.

And while that’s true to some extent, it completely neglects the many more useful characteristics of coffee, such as its refreshing taste, its health benefits, etc.

Coffee grounds even have many uses apart from being used to brew the drink. 

So while caffeine is a significant aspect of coffee, it is by no means the only or the foremost factor to be considered when drinking filter coffee.

Filter Coffee Gives You Jitters and Sleepless Nights

You probably know what we mean when we say that coffee has developed a reputation for its side effects.

If you’ve been an avid coffee drinker for a while, you’d have heard people say that coffee causes insomnia, leads to excessive sweating, can increase cholesterol, you shouldn’t drink it, etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s body structure and biological makeup are different. You can’t assume that coffee would affect everyone the same.

Hence this cliché can be extremely misleading. 

All you’d need to do is understand how your body responds to it; accordingly, tweak your coffee intake. Don’t fall prey to these stereotypes unless you know for a fact that drinking filter coffee affects your health in a particular way.

filter coffee cliches to avoid


Filter Coffee Must Be Had With Milk 

Yes, Indian filter coffee is known to be that frothing cup of strong milk-based coffee. 

But no, that’s not the only way to drink it. There is no hard and fast rule about filter coffee, forbidding you from altering the recipe or the process to suit your tastes.

Although, if you ask any filter coffee connoisseur, they’d probably recommend it exactly as it is traditionally made.

What milk does is balance the bitterness of the Indian filter coffee and bring out sweeter notes, especially when chicory has been added to the grounds.

But if you’d rather not consume dairy products or prefer not to use any kind of milk, you can drink it as black coffee too!

It’s Time-Consuming to Make Filter Coffee at Home

This is one of the biggest clichés associated with Indian filter coffee.

The steps involved in brewing filter coffee are so simple that they can become an inconsequential part of your morning routine.

making filter coffee at home

Some methods take about 12 minutes, whereas others will take only 4-5 minutes. If your mornings tend to have a quick rhythm, having to spare those few minutes may give you a pause. 

But think about it. Even if you get coffee to go, you’ll be expending some energy and time on the way to work. So, why not invest in a bit of me-time by brewing a healthier coffee at home?

You can even choose a brewing method that suits your lifestyle and time constraints.

Filter Coffee is Only Suitable For People Who Enjoy Bitter Coffees

The decoction obtained from brewing filter coffee is quite strong. It tastes so because of how well the coffee has been extracted from the grounds.

But what if we told you that filter coffee is suitable for people with various palate preferences? For starters, consider these diverse flavours of filter coffee.

Secondly, if you like less strong coffee, try minimizing the brew time. This will reduce how much flavour is extracted from the coffee grounds. 

On the flip side, if you like milky or sugary-sweet coffee, all you’d need to do is add the required amount of milk and sweetener. And as long as you use healthy alternatives for milk and sugar, you wouldn’t even need to worry about how it will affect your health.

Those are 5 of the most common filter coffee clichés we’ve heard of. What are some others you may have heard of?

Filter coffee can be tweaked to your taste with the right ground, roast, brewing method, and additives. Don’t just take our word for it.

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