9 Best Scenarios to Enjoy Indian Filter Coffee

9 Best Scenarios to Enjoy Indian Filter Coffee Malgudi Days

Memories are made of not just places and people but even the emotions that you begin to associate with certain moments in life.

Sometimes these moments can be vastly improved by something as simple as relishing the smell of old books or enjoying a cup of coffee on a rainy day.

Even if you have settled into a comfortable rhythm with your daily coffee consumption, you’d probably be able to identify several other instances that seem perfect for taking a quick coffee break. 

Here are 11 scenarios where you can wholeheartedly enjoy a cup of Indian filter coffee.

First Thing in the Morning

This one is a no-brainer. A lot of people drink coffee early in the morning, if not as the first thing in the morning. 

It helps you start the day on a fresh note and set aside the grogginess or lethargy of waking up from a deep sleep.

For this, we highly recommend the Malgudi Days traditional filter coffee

During Commute

While the pandemic may have changed the nature of how we work, commute time is one of the best times to catch a breather before you get into the work rush.

You can choose to catch up on news, read a book or just scroll through social media. 

This moment of solitude and calm is best enjoyed with some refreshing Indian filter coffee. It’ll prepare you for the day and get you in the right frame of mind.

At Work

filter coffee break at work

Coffee breaks make up a significant part of the work culture around the world. It’s when colleagues and employees from different departments catch up with each other and contribute to the overall company culture.

In such a scenario, Indian filter coffee will serve as the perfect ice-breaker for conversations, and also keep at bay low-energy spells. 

If you choose to brew your own pot of coffee at work, know that you might be attracting quite the crowd.

As a Post-Lunch Pick Me Up

While it is extremely important not to skip meals, having a hearty lunch can sometimes leave you in need of a nap. And that’s no good when you still have a to-do list to tackle.

Even otherwise, lunchtime signifies that you’ve been working for a couple of hours already. Chances are that you’re beginning to tire.

Jolt yourself out of that state of mind with a richly-brewed cup of filter coffee. 

Hosting Guests at Home

People have been bonding over coffee for decades. It’s no different these days.

Whether you are entertaining guests at home or just catching up with friends after a long time, preparing filter coffee will surely garnish the great conversations you’re likely to have.

Camping at a Beach

Even though it’s not summer yet, there’s no reason you can’t head to the beach for a bit of relaxation.

Ideally, you may think of packing refreshing fruity drinks, but filter coffee works just as well (if not better, in our opinion). 

There are multiple ways of brewing Indian filter coffee. Consider a cold brew made with the Royale filter coffee flavour for your beach trip.


enjoying Indian filter coffee

In the Park

Going for a walk or planning to spend some “me time” at a park? Set aside the gadgets and just enjoy time at your own pace.

For a cool day out, we recommend making a warm brew with the Mysuru filter coffee. You’ll realise that you’ve come to cherish these little moments in life.

Before Pulling an All-Nighter

This, too, won’t come across as a shock to you. Sometimes, in your life as a student or a professional, you may have had to work for hours into the night.

A lot of caffeine is likely to be consumed to keep you powered up. So why not go for the healthier version and brew yourself a cup of Indian filter coffee? 

On a Road Trip

Road trips tend to be full of merriment and discoveries. To ensure all goes well, it’s important to plan for things in advance, like games, snacks, beverages, etc.

Indian filter coffee is even more important here cause road trips can be exhausting, not just for the designated driver but others too (who loves sitting cramped-up in one space for hours on end?)

So be the person in charge of supplying the group with coffee, and you’ll be able to keep up the spirits.

These are just a few scenarios made better with the power of Indian filter coffee.

If we’ve missed out on other common situations, do let us know when do you like to sit down with a cup of joe.

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