Our Story

Coffee Mom

Our story begins with a mother and son. A son who, dedicated to the art of coffee, had set up his own roastery here in Sydney. And his mother, who still longed for the taste of the traditional South Indian filter coffee she had once enjoyed so much.

Out of love and devotion, he set out to create the perfect blend for her. For years he studied, learned and cupped. In 2012, his blend won a silver medal at the Golden Bean Awards. He was on the right track – but for his mother, the ultimate judge, something was still missing. So he continued perfecting it, until one day he passed his mother a cup and her eyes lit up – she was home.

They named the blend Malgudi Days, after the collection of short stories by his mother’s favourite author R.K. Narayan. Malgudi – the imaginary South Indian town, where everyone has a story – was the perfect namesake for the perfect blend: a coffee that could truly transport our founder's mother back across the years and oceans, back home. 


Preserving tradition while enhancing flavour

Our coffees come from the majestic slopes of the Bababudan Highlands of South India, situated in a shaded region 4,000 feet above sea level.

We grow and source only the finest specialty coffees – arabicas and robustas. At harvest time, our beans are carefully handpicked, processed with love and care on the plantation and then shipped to our roastery in Sydney. Here, they are small batch roasted, blended, ground and packed for optimum freshness and perfection.

South Indian filter coffee traditionally uses a high percentage of chicory to give the coffee a deeper colour and distinct flavour. This often masks the true cup characteristics of the coffee itself, while keeping production costs low.

We had a different approach. Over the years we worked on numerous profiles and blend permutations until we reached the optimum balance of specialty coffee and premium chicory. In this lovingly crafted blend, everything was in perfect harmony to bring out the best, freshest South Indian filter coffee in Australia.  

Family Portrait

A word of thanks to our cuppers

We would not be here today without the support and tastebuds of our family and close friends, who also helped us in perfecting our family recipe to create a true taste of South India in a cup.