Malgudi Days

Our beautiful range

Every aspect of our journey is beautifully crafted & curated until you have that authentic #mdkaapi experience. From a Mother & Son with love!

Our South Indian filter coffee is made the way it was first made for our Founder's Mother, perfectly balanced for the richest and most authentic flavour. Our Founder's Mother is at the heart of everything we do, every aspect is carefully thought of & planned, no compromises! Our carefully crafted, award winning traditional blend comprises of 'Mysore Nugget', 'Monsoon Malabar' & 'Kaapi Royale' with an optimum amount of premium organic chicory, all blended to bring out the best characteristics of each element. Therefore the secret lies in the roast profile of each estate coffee (Hint hint to our competitors who try and reach out about all the other details).

Sourced from the growing highlands of South India, the rich beauty and intense aroma of this coffee is preserved as a result of the high elevation and abundance of shade on the plantation. All our coffees are 'specialty grade'. These coffees are in the top 5 that come out of India, with a hefty price tag, more than premium or commodity grade coffees (which you may find in cheaper alternatives sold on the shelves of retailers). Our aim is to source these beautiful coffees, roast them fresh and get it to our customers fast!


When I heard that South Indian Filter Coffee was roasted locally I became excited. The coffee was amazing & better than my experiences with vendors of Chennai! I’m delighted to recommend MD to anyone keen to start their day or experience an alternative to espresso.

– Dr Krish Partha

What attracted me at first was its name. I grew up watching the famous tele-series penned by the brilliant R.K.Narayan. The name evokes fond memories of childhood and that of aromatic coffee! Malgudi Days embodies all that is South Indian & pure.

– Assoc Prof Ranjit Voola

Our coffees - a world first

Specialty grade

We carefully source the finest 'specialty grade' indian coffees, including premium quality chicory.

Roasted down under

Crafting each batch down under, in the land of Oz (we are the best!)

Award winning

A medal winner at the world's largest coffee roasters competition.

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