5 Flavours of Indian Filter Coffee

Indian Filter Coffee

Every coffee lover, at some point, stumbles upon what’s almost a right of passage in a South Indian household: the Indian filter coffee. 

Each sip is so rich that most coffee lovers wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world; even the minutes of sleep sacrificed to brew a cup first thing in the morning.

If you are familiar with the sentiment, you might agree that Indian filter coffee is an experience to be cherished.

But did you know of the five different flavours that you could enjoy as per your mood? 



This traditional style filter coffee is sourced directly from South India and crafted in Sydney. Pick up this blend and you’ll be transported to coffee heaven.

It combines Specialty coffees with hints of premium chicory to maintain the cultural essence of the beverage.

The fruity-nutty lingering taste is not overpowering at all, and perfectly complements its heady scents of orange and chocolate caramel

Whether you choose to brew it with a typical South Indian filter or on a stovetop, you’ll have found a new favourite.

traditional India filter coffee


Some people like to experiment with different flavours of coffee, whereas some others don’t. If coffee is serious business for you, you might want to try the Heritage flavour

It is a 100% Specialty Indian filter coffee (a trip to South India in a cup, if you will) with absolutely no chicory included. Naturally, it is heavy-bodied and has enough caffeine to probably power you through a long day. 

To enjoy this blend perfectly with its notes of chocolate, orange, and molasses, we recommend that you brew the coffee in a plunger, stovetop espresso pot, or a home espresso machine.



Just like Heritage, the Mysuru flavour Indian filter coffee is also brewed without chicory. We have sourced the best specialty Arabica from India to create this flavour. 

Keep in mind that it has a heavy mouthfeel. The citrus finish lends a refreshingly new taste. 

Another thing that’s special about this single origin coffee is that you’ll find notes of nuts, cocoa, and spices in it. Think hot cocoa during winters, but better. 

This is basically a warm hug that you’d need every now and then. Brew it with a stovetop espresso pot, plunger, or home espresso machine for best results.



authentic Indian filter coffee

If you are someone who doesn’t like chicory in their coffee blends, this flavour will be right up your alley. Take a step back from the bustle of life each morning with your coffee ritual. 

Trust us - brewing it the right way is definitely worth the wait.

Royale has a heavy body, low acidity, and an undertone of chocolatey spiciness. Concocted with exquisite Robusta, this single origin coffee contains all the caffeine you’d want and then some more.

What more could you need for a late-night work session or an early start to your day?



There’s a unique process called monsooning that is followed in India. The Monsoon flavour is a product of this very method. 

Its low acidic percentage, coupled with hints of nutmeg and maple, make it an enriching affair, one you’ll be eager to dive into each morning. 

This single origin coffee is made of Mysore nugget coffee beans. As such, it has a smooth, heavy body, which makes it a must-try for seasoned coffee enthusiasts. 

With these varieties of Indian filter coffee, you’ll never have a dull day! Let us know in the comments which of these flavours you are eager to try.

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