10 Things We All Love About Filter Coffee

10 Things We All Love About Filter Coffee Malgudi Days

To reduce filter coffee to a list of characteristics that makes it special is doing it no justice. You’d need to drink it to know why it is one of the most popular forms of beverages in the world.

But in the attempt to persuade you to give it a try, we’re going to list down a few common reasons why people love a cup of filter coffee.


Filter coffee can be anything you want it to be - light-bodied, medium-bodied, or even heavy-bodied.

It has a strong, refreshing taste that is usually heightened by chicory. And even if you choose an alternative that has no chicory, you’d have nothing to worry about. The coffee grounds tend to have a bitter flavour profile that retains the indulgent taste.

A lot of people usually prefer consuming filter coffee with milk and some sweetener to get the best of both worlds.


The aroma of filter coffee is a beacon in itself.

Many children (and even adults) have been nudged out of their beds and drawn to the kitchen in their Indian households because of the intoxicating scent of Indian filter coffee being brewed by a family member.

Several filter coffee flavours have a nutty, smoky aroma that leaves a lingering sweetness in the air. Once you get a whiff of it, you’ll know that there’s nothing like it.

Ability to Sharpen Your Mind

Whether you’re an early riser or not, everyone needs a firm wake up call in the morning.

And what a cold shower may not be able to do, filter coffee can for sure.

It is the only alarm bell we need to set aside the sleep-induced stupor and get ready for the day.

Filter kaapi, as it is also known in India, increases energy levels and helps you focus on the task ahead.

Perfect With All Meals Throughout the Day

We believe that filter coffee goes perfectly with all the meals in a day. But then again, we may be biased.

healthy breakfast ideas with filter coffee

Try it with some delicious South Indian healthy breakfast ideas and even snacks. You’ll never find yourself wanting to complete your meals with any other beverage.

Feels Like a Warm Hug

A true coffee lover knows what it’s like to wrap up a long day, head to bed, and think of the coffee that awaits you the next morning.

If you look forward to moments like these when having a cup of filter coffee can brighten your mood, you’d know why it’s cherished by people worldwide.


Filter coffee, typically, has a strong taste because of how it's brewed. Depending on the presence of chicory, the taste may be different.

But these days, you can enjoy it in different flavours that come with varying tones, acidity, sweetness, aroma, etc.

Health Benefits

why is filter coffee better

Far better than their instant alternatives, filter coffee is known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Due to the process of brewing, it also eliminates the excessive oily components in coffee grounds, thereby preventing your cholesterol from shooting up through continued coffee consumption.

In fact, in terms of health benefits, it’s even better than not drinking coffee at all! 

Cultural Value

The cultural value of filter coffee is undeniable.

Not just from a social standpoint but because of the deep-rooted history it has.

The journey of how filter coffee spread in India and abroad is a tale involving some smuggling and a lot of foreign influence, but it still marks the turning point in coffee culture across the world.

Unique Process of Brewing

Unlike instant coffee, filter coffee can be brewed in unique ways. Each method allows for varying levels of convenience and can be suited to different budgets.

The process of brewing it at home enables you to tweak the flavour so that you can adapt it to your tastes. And the best thing is that it’ll also come to be a relaxing part of your daily routine.

Connects People

Filter coffee has the power to connect individuals from all walks of life. It became so commonplace for people to catch up over coffee that it is a social norm now.

From bloggers to connoisseurs, coffee has been helping people bond with each other over their mutual interests.

Many of us have special memories associated with filter coffee. Therefore, it has become a more meaningful part of our lives.

If you’ve never tried filter coffee before, explore our rich collection of bestselling filter coffees, there’s something for everyone.

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