7 Breakfasts That Go With Indian Filter Coffee

Traditional Filter Coffee

The key to starting your day on the right note is not just having quality rest but also enjoying a hearty breakfast. 

Ordinarily, Indian filter coffee requires no accompaniment. But as they say, some matches are made in heaven, and we’re certain that these 7 breakfast ideas will only elevate your spirit. 



Made of lentil and rice batter, idlis are steamed rice cakes that are spongy to the touch. They are typically eaten along with sambar (a lentil stew) or chutney (a dip made with either coconut or tomato and onions). 

A cup of our Traditional filter coffee would be perfect to wash down this flavourful meal in the morning.

breakfast ideas with Indian filter coffee


Dosas are paper-thin crepes, also made of lentil and rice batter. The accompaniments served with dosas are similar to that of idlis. 

For some extra warmth, you can add a dollop of ghee to them and watch your worries float away with every mouthful of these crispy wonders. 



If you enjoy deep-fried foods, you must consider making vadas. They take the shape of doughnuts and contain chopped pieces of curry leaves. 

While some people prefer to eat vadas without any side dishes, it would be a crime to pass up on a vada-sambar combination - a breakfast dish that feels too good to be true.



Upma has a fluffy texture and is made with semolina. The many seasonings (and sometimes vegetables) added during the process of cooking upma are what heighten its taste. 

A portion of upma is filling and a refreshing way to start your day. With a cup of our Mysuru single-origin filter coffee, you’ll have polished a plate of upma in no time. 



There are many variations to a bonda recipe. If you want your breakfast to be heavy, you can make potato bondas. 

Or if you’d rather use refined flour instead of black gram, you could try making the Mangalore bonda. Ultimately, these fritters are aromatic and have a crunchy texture. 



easy and healthy breakfast ideas

To put it simply, uttapams fall somewhere between making dosas and getting creative with them. Meaning to say, if you add a bunch of vegetables to the batter and make your dosa thicker, you’ve got yourself an uttapam. 

It can feel like a lot is going on in terms of taste, but the onions, tomatoes & green chillies balance out the savoury flavour of the base.



A great way to use up some leftover idli batter is to mix finely chopped vegetables into it and make paniyaram. This steamed dumpling-like dish is best enjoyed with coconut or tomato chutney.


We would love to hear from you about your go-to breakfast recipes. 

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