The Best Gift For Anyone (Even Yourself)

Gift For Anyone

The end of the year means one thing - it’s celebration season! With many cultures around the world celebrating various festivals and occasions, the gift-giving atmosphere is at an all-time high.

If you’ve ever been stumped about what to gift your loved ones, we’ve compiled a few ideas for you!


Malgudi Wellness Bundle

Nothing says you care about someone like a well-thought-out comfort hamper. With the Malgudi Wellness Bundle, your loved one will receive rich, delightful coffee and tea blends. 

These contain a hearty dose of spices and herbs for the ultimate wellness experience. 


Cold Brew Bundle

Cold brew coffee is considered to be perfect for people with sensitive stomachs because it is less acidic. This Cold Brew Bundle will equip your friend with a sleek Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot and 2 packs of the Traditional coffee blend. 

Compact and stylish, the pot can go on a work desk or kitchen counter and contain enough coffee for multiple power breaks throughout the day.


French Press Pack

3 Indian filter coffee flavours and a french press? There’s nothing as convincing as that to take your or your friend’s coffee adventures to the next level. 

This French Press Pack is a carefully curated bundle of single-origin coffees, and would make for a great Christmas or end-of-the-year gift. 


Traditional Book Pack

Know any book lovers who enjoy drinking coffee? We can’t think of a better gift hamper to give an avid reader. 

This Traditional Book Pack consists of 4 packs of the Traditional flavour filter coffee as well as a book of your choice by R. K Narayan, one of India’s classical authors.

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Moka Stovetop Lover’s Bundle

The highlight of the Moka Stovetop Lover’s Bundle is the Bialetti Moka Express stovetop espresso maker that is designed to satiate your daily coffee cravings. 

It also contains 2 packs of the Heritage flavour coffee blend. Scale your gift receiver’s love for coffee with this kit, or get them started on a path of pure coffee bliss.


Traditional Indian Filter Coffee Pack

Exclusively designed for Malgudi Days, the filter and dabara set in the Traditional Indian Filter Coffee Pack will stand out amongst all the gifts that your friend receives. 

The Traditional blend coffee included in this pack makes it an ideal starter kit for anyone who has yet to discover the richness of Indian filter coffee. 


Malgudi Family Pack

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An introductory pack like no other, the Malgudi Family Pack consists of 5 flavours of Indian filter coffee - Traditional, Heritage, Mysuru, Monsoon, and Royale. 

This is a perfect starting point to discover which blends or single origin coffees appeal to one’s taste buds.

Introducing your loved ones to the world of filter coffee may just secure you a spot on their ‘Favourite Humans’ list. 

After all, sipping aromatic coffee and awakening one’s senses to the world in the morning is a precious ritual to many.

Which of these unique Christmas gifts are you planning to get for your family and friends? Let us know in the comments. 

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