Snacks To Enjoy Your Kaapi Evenings

Snacks To Enjoy Your Kaapi Evenings Malgudi Days

With 5 flavours of South Indian filter kaapi in your pantry, you’re probably looking for some snack ideas to keep your evening hunger pangs fulfilled. 

Our blog is already filled with food ideas and recipes that many of you love. So, we’re back with some more recommendations. 

From small bites to more fulfilling dishes, here are 6 snacks you can easily make at home.

Cheese-Corn Sandwich

With food blogging growing even more popular, you see everyone’s culinary skills being displayed in the form of mouth-watering sandwiches that are rich in flavour and prepared in a matter of minutes.

And to be fair, you can never go wrong with a good sandwich as an evening snack. 

We think our Traditional kaapi blend would be the perfect accompaniment to a cheese-corn sandwich. The richness of the cheese won’t overpower your palate because of the strong kaapi brew and its chicory content.


Take your love for vada pav one step further with this Gujarati snack called dabeli.

Pav, potato cutlet, sev, onion, pomegranate, and chutney are the ingredients you’ll need. This delicious dose of carbs is made even more special with a mix of tamarind or green chutney.

While it is plenty savoury, the pomegranate and tamarind chutney can leave a sweet aftertaste. But it’s nothing sips of our Mysuru kaapi won’t remedy.

The kaapi has a nut, spice and cocoa flavour profile that you’ll love, especially when paired with a plate of dabeli.

Mawa Cake

easy snacks to make at home

Mawa cake is an Iranian wonder that would appeal to you if even the thought of a bakery brings a smile to your face.

Similar to a sponge cake, the mawa cake is fluffy and light-textured.

It is made of khoya/ mawa that is prepared with whole milk and has a nutty taste to it. The batter of the mawa cake is then flavoured with cardamom. If you have the time and want to make it fancy, you can layer the cake with nuts like almonds and pistachios. 


Much like the mawa cake, shakarpara also has that lightly sweet, highly addictive quality to it. Although unlike the former, you’ll not realise just how much shakarpara you’ve eaten before it’s too late, and the container is empty save for a few crumbs.

It is made with atta or maida, sugar, and ghee.

The name ‘shakarpara’ comes from a Persian word. This snack is extremely popular in North India, and it’s a crispy-crumbly goodness you’ll keep coming back to.


Who’d refuse a plate of spongy dhokla topped with tempered mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies, and coriander leaves? Not us!

Indian coffee time snacks

And if there’s a side of green chutney, consider it one of the ultimate evening snacks. 

You can just about picture a family sitting on their veranda enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with perfectly steamed dhoklas.

We highly recommend the Malgudi Days Heritage blend to go with this easy and considerably healthy Indian snack made of besan (gram flour).

Roasted Makhana

Onto a lighter snack option that’s good for when you just want some munchies, makhana is made of the seeds from the water lily plant.

You may have also heard of these being referred to as fox nuts or lotus seeds.

Makhana often gets recommended by dieticians for its health benefits.

Since raw makhana doesn’t have much of a taste, it is usually roasted with some spices to make it more flavourful.

Comment and tell us which are your go-to coffee and snack combinations.

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