Make This Mother’s Day Special

Make This Mothers Day Special Malgudi Days

Have you just realised that Mother’s Day is around the corner and are now racking your brains for a great gift idea?

Well, it’s not too late to plan the perfect surprise.

Remember, your gift doesn’t have to be an object; it could be a gesture that will remain in her memories for ages.

We’ve put together a few ideas that you can tap into to make this Mother’s Day special. 

Plan a Picnic

Break the monotony of everyday routine and plan a picnic for your mom if she loves spending time outdoors. 

Picnics are not only refreshing, but it’s also the perfect time to catch up with her and have a chill morning or evening.

Go on a Road Trip

Has your mum been wanting to visit the winery nearby? Go on a road trip with her! 

Music, chocolates, plan the whole shebang. This would be a particularly relaxing Mother’s Day activity if you’re behind the wheel, playing guide and friend to her the whole day.

Compile Video Messages From Her Family

Motherhood isn’t always a pleasant journey, and there may have been moments when your mum had it really tough.

Ask your family to record heartfelt messages for her. Nothing like hearing lovely words of encouragement to realise that she is appreciated by those she cherishes the most.

Buy Her a Gift Hamper

mother's day gift bundle

Spoil your mum with a luxurious hamper. We’ve got the perfect gift bundles. Whether she likes tea or coffee, treat her to the most exquisite blends that Australia has to offer.

You’ll be making her morning routine much more heartwarming!

Donate to an Organisation in Her Name

Is your mum passionate about a cause? Even if that’s not yet the case, this could be the perfect opportunity to direct her attention toward a good initiative.

Doing a good deed in her name can be an extremely thoughtful gesture. Plus, it’ll bring her blessings! 

Get Her a Travel Voucher

Give her a nudge to set aside her workload and take some much-needed me-time. Gifting her a travel voucher means she now legit needs to stop the excuses and go on a trip somewhere.

If you want you can make this a mother-daughter trip. Finalise the itinerary and surprise her with an impromptu getaway.  

Plan a Spa Date With Her

So what if she is not a travel enthusiast? A spa session can be just as effective a way to rejuvenate - something your mum probably needs after days of chores.

You won’t realise as time passes by as both of you indulge in the aromatic atmosphere of the spa.

Make a Time Capsule

Build a physical or digital time capsule that you and your mum can revisit a few years later. The purpose of this is to create memories, connect with and motivate each other.

best mother's day activities 2023

You can add photos, letters, and other knick-knacks to your time capsule. 

Make Her Dream Come True

You must be wondering how this would even be possible. But it doesn’t have to be some grand gesture.

If your mum has always wanted to be a painter, but life got in the way, book a painting session for her. 

Has she wanted to write a story? Get her to join a writing workshop. Even if it’s just for a day, let her live her dream.

Give Her a Surprise Visit 

This might seem like a no-brainer but we sometimes fail to realise just how meaningful simple gestures can be. Take the time to visit her if you can.

Regular video calls are great to keep in touch with your mum, but nothing beats spending quality time with her at home. It will certainly make her day more special!  

That’s it for the Mother’s Day special. We hope you’re able to plan a great day for your mum with some of these ideas.

Sending you and your mum all our love!

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