Filter Kaapi Desserts to Prepare at Home

Filter Kaapi Desserts to Prepare at Home Malgudi Days

Those of us with a sweet tooth don’t really need a special occasion to enjoy sweets and desserts.

But in case you don’t always prepare desserts at home or are looking to make something special for your end-of-the-year celebrations, here are 6 delicious dessert ideas that you can make with filter kaapi.

Kaapi Cake

The easiest and most obvious option, cakes in general appeal to a lot more people. They are soft and sweet and can be as decadent as you want to make them. 

The best part is that you can prepare a 1-2 kg cake, which would be good for several servings. So you don’t have to go back and forth making multiple batches. We highly recommend making a kaapi cake when you have guests coming over. 

Let your filter kaapi decoction cool down for some time. Then, mix it with the cake batter, and you’re all set to bake it.

Another way to make a kaapi cake is to make frosting with the kaapi decoction and layer it on top of the cake or in between two layers of cake.

Kaapi Jelly

Give coffee enthusiasts coffee in any form, and most of them will snatch it up.

Kaapi jelly is one such option that only a select few may like, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

Follow the instructions on your jelly package but instead of the flavouring that comes in it, use a cooled-down kaapi brew.

You can also just mix the gelatin into the kaapi decoction until it’s evenly mixed. Store it in the fridge and let it sit for a while. Make sure to add sugar or any sweetener to the kaapi brew before making the jelly.

Kaapi Tiramisu

kaapi desserts to make at home

A tiramisu is made of coffee. But by using filter kaapi, you’re giving this Italian dessert a South-Indian edge over other tiramisus. And that’s going to make all the difference!

There’s no need to sweeten the kaapi brew, as the richness of the mascarpone cream will perfectly balance with how strong the kaapi is.

We highly recommend our Traditional kaapi flavour for making a kaapi tiramisu.

Kaapi Ice Cream

A bit more of a task but just as rewarding, making ice cream at home comes with a lot of benefits including deciding what ingredients go into it.

There are different ways to make ice creams at home. Some require more steps, and others are apt for preparing a quick dessert.

Add hot milk to your kaapi as you usually would. Once cool, combine it with the condensed milk that you use to prepare the ice cream. 

Adjust how bitter your brew is depending on the taste you want. This will probably take some trial and error, but once you develop a knack for making kaapi ice creams, you will find yourself going back for seconds and thirds.

Kaapi Peda

Peda is a North Indian sweet that is made of khoa, sugar, and spices.

It is often the choice of sweet offered at a lot of Indian festivals. The aroma of the cardamom seeds and saffron and the soft crumbly texture of the peda make it delightful.

Choose our Monsoon Malabar kaapi, which has notes of chocolate and nutmeg. It will blend beautifully with the flavours of the peda to give you a plateful of delicious bites.

Kaapi Cookies

Who can think of desserts and not think of cookies? Choco chip cookies are said to be the most popular flavour of cookies in the world.

Don’t you think it’s high time that kaapi cookies, too, get the spotlight they deserve?

Simply mix your kaapi brew into the cookie batter and watch as your new favourite desserts/ snacks turn into golden-brown crispy delicacies.

coffee and cookies

With the perfect kaapi decoction, the sky's the limit. 

There are so many desserts you could prepare, and in some cases, even make healthier versions of the sweets using lesser sweeteners, low-fat dairy products and so on. You get it. 

If you try any dessert recipe using Malgudi Days kaapis, let us know in the comments or tag us in your social media posts. That would simply make our day!

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