Filter Kaapis Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Filter Kaapis Based on Your Zodiac Sign Malgudi Days

Having trouble choosing one of our specialty filter kaapis? Here’s a fun way to decide which one (or two) to get!

These are largely based on our own recommendations for your zodiac sign so feel free to mix and match your kaapi picks.

The Fire Signs - Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

Fire signs like Leo, Aries & Sagittarius are go-getters. Their normal state of functioning is to strive towards the goals and dreams they want to achieve.

We think the Traditional blend would be the perfect choice for the fire signs. It is made of 18% premium organic chicory that boosts the filter kaapi’s flavour profile, making it a crisp brew to fuel the fire signs all day long.

Like the fire signs, this kaapi makes a strong first impression and leaves a lasting mark.

Alternatively, the Royale kaapi would also be a suitable option because it contains twice as much caffeine as a typical arabica coffee.

The Water Signs - Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

monsoon malabar filter kaapi recommendation

Highly imaginative and sentimental, the water signs would appreciate flavours that are comforting, and that carry a sense of home.

What better than the Monsoon filter kaapi blend that is prepared with one of India’s premiere coffee beans - the Mysore Nugget?

It has undergone the monsooning process, wherein the coffee beans are exposed to humid, monsoon winds. This process enhances its flavour and makes it one of the coffees with the least acidity.

The water signs can look forward to flavour notes of nutmeg and maple, which are basically like a warm hug. This coffee also has a heavy body and a smooth finish.

The Air Signs - Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

The flexibility of the air signs is probably what makes them ace thinkers and social butterflies. They don’t always stick to norms and can approach any situation with an open mind.

The Malgudi Days Mysuru blend is crafted with arabica beans giving it a sweet aroma that will keep the air signs pleasantly surprised. Its citrus finish livens up the kaapi just like air signs are capable of being lively in social situations.

This kaapi contains nut, spice & cocoa flavours, a perfectly balanced combination. 

The Earth Signs - Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

If there was one core aspect of Earth signs, it is to be grounded. They have a practical outlook in life and know how to enjoy just as much as how to hustle.

heritage filter kaapi

The traditionalist in them would love our Heritage kaapi, a traditional blend made of 100% specialty South Indian coffee.

It has a molasses, chocolate & orange flavour profile that would appeal to their refined palate and desire to consume indulgent beverages. 

Considering that the Earth signs enjoy foods that are layered and intricate, the buttery mouthfeel and heavy body of the Heritage kaapi makes it the perfect brew for them.

Let us know in the comments below which kaapi you ended up choosing. You can also share your Malgudi Moments with us by tagging us in your social media posts.

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