Cooling Kaapi Drinks to Make at Home

Cooling Kaapi Drinks to Make at Home

The one thing that can make summer a tad bit less unpleasant is definitely enjoying cooling and refreshing foods & beverages. 

But when you are a kaapi lover, and can’t think of passing up on your daily cup of joe, making cooling kaapi drinks at home is the only way to go.

Here are 7 refreshing drink ideas that aren’t your regular iced latte or americano.

Kaapi Lemonade

Have you heard of a more soothing summer drink than this? Kaapi lemonade is the perfect blend of all the things you need to feel more energetic on a hot summer day. 

Mix your filter kaapi decoction with lime soda or sweetened lemon juice. Pour the drink over a tall glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves. 

We recommend using the Heritage blend for this drink as its chocolatey, orange flavour profile will suit the sweet-citrusy taste of this drink.

Cold Brew Horchata

With temperatures rising in Sydney, many of us are turning to our cold brew jars and preparing large volumes of cooling coffee to take the edge off the heat. 

cold brew coffee drinks for summer

For a fun twist to cold brew, let’s take inspiration from the Spanish horchata. You can’t make this spontaneously because the horchata mixture needs to be soaked overnight. 

In a bowl, add rice, vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, almonds, and salt. Pour water and soak it in the fridge overnight for around 6-8 hours.

Next day, blend the mixture and sieve it to get the horchata drink. Add your cold brew decoction from the fridge to it and settle down for a relaxing morning.

Pistachio Affogato

The affogato is an Italian coffee dessert drink made with ice cream and coffee. You will most commonly hear about affogatos being made with vanilla ice cream or even caramel. But those who love the nutty flavour of pistachio will be pleasantly surprised by how amazing this combination is. 

Our Mysuru blend also has tasting notes of nuts, in addition to spice and cocoa. Brew a glass of Mysuru and pour it over a scoop (or two) of pistachio ice cream - your summer is sorted.

Vietnamese Iced Kaapi

A regular Vietnamese iced coffee makes use of sweet condensed milk to bring the flavours of the brew together. All you need to do is pour the condensed milk into a glass, add the coffee brew along with ice, and stir all of it.

Both our Traditional and Royale filter kaapi blends would be a great choice for making this Vietnamese iced kaapi at home. They are bold in flavour, so will balance out the creamy sweetness of the beverage. 

Espresso Tonic

refreshing coffee drinks espresso tonic

Take your love for iced americano one step further with this espresso tonic. Top off a glass of tonic water with your favourite filter kaapi blend for that instant boost of energy.

This is one of the easiest kaapi drinks to make and takes barely 10 minutes. 

Coffee Jelly

In Japan, coffee jelly is a popular treat that people of all ages enjoy. It is served in a glass as a dessert-drink combination. 

The jelly is chilled and cut up into cubes. After placing them in a glass, simply pour milk over the jelly and let the coffee flavour blend into the drink. If you don’t much prefer the texture of jelly, you can also make a simpler version of this drink with coffee-flavoured iced cubes. 

Remember not to store the coffee ice cubes in the freezer for too long so that the flavour doesn’t become dull.

Berry Bliss Kaapi 

Coffee is such a versatile drink that berries and citrus fruits pair well with it. 

To make a glass of berry bliss kaapi, choose your preferred fruit juice, such as strawberry juice or blackberry juice. Add a shot of kaapi decoction to a glass filled with the juice. 

Otherwise, you can also make a coffee-berry brew with the fruit juice in a 1:3 ratio and pour it over crushed ice. 

The tartness of the berries will be balanced by the maple and nutmeg notes in the Monsoon kaapi. Also, since this kaapi blend has the least acidity, you wouldn’t have to worry about the drink being overly bubbly.

If you try any of these refreshing kaapi drinks with Malgudi Days filter kaapi, let us know how you liked it. 

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