Festive Season Gift Guide

Festive Season Gift Guide

Finding the right gift for your friends & family may not always be a no-brainer. We’ve put together a list of great gift ideas based on their interests and the budget you have.

Malgudi Wellness Bundle

Nothing says, “I care about you!” more than our Wellness Bundle - be that to your parents or a close friend. 

This is an ideal choice for a gift when you aren’t too sure about their coffee or tea preferences but still want your gift to be meaningful. 

With one pack each of our signature Traditional filter kaapi, Chamellia Lemongrass and Ginger Tea, Hue Turmeric Latte, Chamellia Nine Spice Chai, and Chamellia Chai Dust Garnish, the Wellness Bundle helps build immunity and keeps the receiver feeling relaxed with every sip.

Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

We all know what a great combination coffee and chocolate is. For someone on your gift list who loves these two flavours, gifting them a few packs of Kali’s Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans is the surefire way to become the best gift giver.

chocolate coated coffee beans

Sourced from Papua New Guinea and artisan-roasted specialty coffee that is combined with 53% dark chocolate - the culinary possibilities with these beans are endless!

Kadak Chai Brew

The freshness of Assam’s black tea and the essence of India’s best spice mix come together in the Kadak Chai Brew

Give the gift of refreshing mornings to a tea-lover who fancies their tea to be as bold and impressionable as they are. There are 12 spices included in this chai blend, making it a favourite for desis abroad.

Cold Brew Bundle

The Cold Brew Bundle is not our bestseller for no reason. Meticulously curated to include the Hario Cold Brew Pot and 2 packs of Traditional filter kaapi, it is a suitable gift for a coffee enthusiast - one who is keen to try out new methods of brewing kaapi. 

You can also consider this gift bundle if your friend likes coffees that are smoother and less acidic.

Drinking Chocolate

What is the festive season without mugs of hot chocolate (or cold chocolate!)? Whether they prefer the regular kind or dark chocolate flavour, Kali Drinking Chocolate is a great addition to your holiday gift hamper. 

Made from African-origin cocoa and natural sugar, the drinking chocolate carries a richness that is indulgent and sure to make the gift receiver feel the merriment of the holidays.


Malgudi Family Pack

We all have our favourites when it comes to kaapi. But then there are those who prefer brewing coffee based on their mood. 

malgudi family pack coffee gift bundle

For such people, the Malgudi Family Pack becomes the perfect gift. 5 different flavours of specialty filter kaapi would make anyone feel spoilt for choice. Don’t you think? 

Traditional Book Pack

Introduce a reader to the world of R.K Narayan’s vivid stories with our Traditional Book Pack. This gift bundle comes with 4 packs of the Traditional kaapi and an R.K Narayan book of your choice. 

Coffee and books make for a great gift indeed! 

Latte Packs

Who said lattes are no good without a shot of espresso? With 4 diverse latte flavours to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this gift. 

Know someone who loves their matcha drinks or is always looking for an excuse to indulge in a red velvet cupcake? They would love brewing these lattes at home.

The Hue latte collection is made of organic and vegan ingredients only.

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