Will Filter Coffee Rule The World?

 Coffee Rule

The speed with which coffee consumption grew in India since the late 17th century shows how quickly it paved its way into the hearts of people. 

Although colonizers played a part in introducing the coffee-chicory mix, South-Indians took to it and made filter coffee their own with the use of their cultural practices. 

Now, there are dedicated filter coffee stalls and boutique stores offering the drink in many nooks and corners of the world. 

So, here are 5 reasons why filter coffee could rule the world one day.


Health Factor

It is no secret that filter coffee is one of the healthiest forms of coffee. Several studies have proven this, showing just how many benefits there are to drinking filter coffee. 

For starters, people who drink between one to four cups of filtered coffee per day are 15% less likely to suffer from a heart attack. And you may be surprised to know that drinking filter coffee is considered to be better than not drinking coffee at all. 

If you know someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy coffee, you can make a convincing case by sharing this blog with them.

The filter used in making the coffee gets rid of the oily component in the coffee grounds. This prevents an increase in cholesterol too! Moreover, in comparison to other coffees, certain filter coffees are less acidic. 


Unique Process

traditional Indian filter coffee

The process of making Indian filter coffee may appear to be lengthy when you think about being able to just pop in a capsule into a coffee machine and let technology do all the work. 

But, it is people with a taste for all things traditional and cultural that tend to be drawn to the process. 

Filter coffee can be made in many ways. If you choose to do it the Indian way, two steel cups are used to brew coffee from the grounds. 

Once the concentrate is ready, milk and sweetener are added, and the brew is then swished back and forth between a tumbler and a dabara (a saucer-like vessel). 

This style may not be for everyone, in which case, you could try making it in a plunger or a moka pot too. 

There’s something very therapeutic about brewing filter coffee at home. You should give it a try at least once.



Making coffee at home is surely a considerably more cost-efficient option than getting takeouts every day. Especially if you live by yourself, a pot of filter coffee can be stored for several days. 

Imagine just how much money you’d save in the long run if you switched to brewing your own coffee at home. 

Granted that, initially, you’d have to invest a bit to get the equipment. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that store-bought coffee often pales in comparison to the taste of the homemade concoction. 

why is filter coffee so popular

Another thing to keep in mind is that preparing filter coffee at home also adds a measure of sustainability to your lifestyle.


Rich Taste 

A shot of espresso does feel heavy and filling. Unlike that, Indian filter coffee strikes a great balance between being strong, bitter, and light. This is because of the process of brewing a pot of filter coffee. 

Firstly, the coffee grounds soak in water for longer, which enhances the flavour. 

Secondly, the filter traps all the oiliness and fine grains from the coffee beans, making the concoction cleaner.

Add this to a cup of frothing milk with your choice of sweetener, and you’ve got yourself a rich cup of coffee, far superior in taste than instant coffee.



Let’s face it - apart from the taste, the reason why many coffee lovers continue to consume cup after cup of this drink is because of how much caffeine it contains. 

That instant recharge you feel upon taking a couple of sips of coffee in the morning is undeniably a feeling you begin to look forward to. 

Although caffeine content largely depends on factors such as coffee beans, method of brewing, brand, etc., filter coffee contains a high percentage of caffeine in comparison to some other coffee types.


There’s a substantial market for filter coffee around the world. And with good reason! 

The more this coffee culture gets adapted, the greater the chances that it will someday come to be recognized as one of the most popularly consumed coffees globally. 

If you are looking to get a taste of the authentic South Indian filter coffee experience, look no further. 

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