How Not to Make Your Filter Coffee

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There are several mistakes you could make while preparing filter coffee for the first time... or even consecutive times. 

And that’s completely okay because what matters is that you are trying.

A lot of seasoned coffee lovers make these mistakes without even realizing it because there’s so much to filter coffee that’s unlike instant coffee. 

Knowing what these mistakes are is the first step to ensuring that your taste test goes exactly as it should. And we can help you with that! 

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when making filter coffee. 

Not Buying the Right Ground

When preparing filter coffee, the ground type of the coffee matters more than you’d think. 

If you are new to coffee lingo, grounds refer to coffee beans that have been ground into a powdery form. The most popular types of coffee grounds are fine, medium, and coarse. 

With our Malgudi Days coffee, you can pick which filter coffee ground you’d like based on the brewing method.

You might be thinking why this matters at all. But actually, every step from growing coffee beans to brewing coffee has a great impact on the taste of the drink.

filter coffee mistakes to avoid

For instance, espresso uses finely ground coffee, whereas filter coffee is made with medium or coarsely ground coffee. When you are researching how to make filter coffee, be mindful of the coffee ground.

Not Cleaning the Filter

In the case of filter coffee, the filters vary depending on the brewing method. There are paper filters, reusable filters, steel filters, and so on.

These are crucial to the whole filter coffee experience. But nothing spoils the taste of the drink as a poorly-maintained filter. 

Whether you are using a plunger, Indian filter kaapi vessels, or a cold brew jar, cleaning up after you’ve brewed the coffee is important.

We get it; on some days, it may seem like too much work. But going that extra mile regularly ensures that you get to enjoy the richness of filter coffee without your filter being clogged up by old residue.

Pouring Too Much Water

If you are used to just “winging it” when you cook food or make beverages, it might be best to pay extra attention to your filter coffee brewing. 

There’s a certain ratio of water to coffee that must be followed at all costs. Much more strictly than even following that new year resolution you had planned to. 

Because if you pour too much water, you’ll be stripping the ground coffee of its flavour and have a mug of watery filter coffee. This coffee brew guide on our website should help you prepare the perfect cup of Malgudi Days filter coffee. 

how not to make your filter coffee

Rushing it

The best things in life take time. And filter coffee is no different. Once you’ve decided on the brewing method, understand what purpose the steps serve. 

There are days when we all go through our morning routines in a daze. Thinking about the exact steps of how to make filter coffee may be the last thing on your mind. 

But take it from us - no coffee is better than rushing through the process of making it. 

If you either don’t brew it overnight or set aside a few minutes to make stovetop filter coffee, you’ll be left with a diluted concoction that is nothing compared to the authentic flavour.

Reheating Leftovers

Even if you enjoy eating leftovers after popping them in the microwave, coffee is something that should never be reheated. 

And this is not just something to do about health. But reheating coffee changes its taste. It is said that coffee can become more acidic. 

If you are brewing yourself a large pot of coffee, be prepared to consume it in one day or have cold coffee the next. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to prevent some of the biggest filter coffee mishaps.

Remember that the more you familiarize yourself with the process, the easier it’ll become, and soon you’ll know it like the back of your hand.

We have some great filter coffee flavours for you to try out, and if you’re looking for a starter kit, check out some of our top-rated bundles.

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