Understanding the Value Behind Malgudi Days Kaapi

Understanding the Value Behind Malgudi Days Kaapi

If you’ve heard of us before and wondered, “What makes these MD kaapi guys so much better?” or “What’s so special about Malgudi Days kaapi?”, you need to keep reading. 

Filter kaapi is no new invention. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and it’s not going anywhere.

You could drink filter kaapi anywhere in the world. So then, why MD kaapi? 

We’re not new to the coffee business. Our family has been growing and developing an expertise in coffee for generations. That means we bring years of coffee knowledge, combine it with the technological resources that we have access to in Australia, and develop products that carry the essence of home. 

In other words, our promise is that of tradition and innovation borne out of our love for kaapi.

Specialty Grade

When we talk about sourcing specialty-grade coffee, not everyone understands just what it means. 

To qualify as specialty grade, the coffee must score 80 and above points on a 100-point scale. Specialty-grade coffee is top-tier coffee and often sold to roasters like us at a significant cost - all to ensure the farmers who grow these are well-compensated and don’t receive the short end of the sticks. 

specialty grade Indian coffee

Only a fraction of the coffee produced in the world qualifies as specialty grade. We don’t just want you to develop a taste for South Indian filter kaapi. It has to be of the specialty kind.

Award-Winning Kaapi

When you think of a commodity like coffee that has almost always been around for the sake of a functional purpose, things like awards only point to one aspect of it - within a set standard, how does it fare in comparison to others of its kind? 

Ours is the only specialty-grade Indian filter kaapi that has won an award at the Golden Bean, one of the biggest coffee roasting competitions in the world. 

Knowing that it has been vetted by industry professionals and given recognition motivates us further. 

Ultimately, the award is as much a nod to the efforts of our team as it is to our ability to evoke emotion from the mere taste of our kaapis. 

Roasted Fresh, Locally

The green beans we source from India are amongst the top 5 that come out of the country - some being the unique Mysore nuggets. 

It goes without saying that doing nothing but justice to their premium quality is at the top of our goals when we set out to roast them. Rest assured, we know just how to bring out mouth-watering nuances in these coffees while also capturing their origin flavours.

We are not in the business of repackaging pre-roasted coffee and selling it under the label of “fresh”. 

Pay a visit to our roastery in Seven Hills, and you’ll see that all our kaapi is actually roasted in small batches to retain flavour and freshness. These are shipped out to you at the earliest when you place an order.

coffee roasted fresh in Sydney

100% Family-Owned & Operated

The idea behind building and growing Malgudi Days was not just to pay homage to our culture but to also stay true to who we are as value-driven business owners. 

There’s a reason why you will not find the level of personal attention anywhere as much as from small businesses. We know what it takes to nurture our community and build a team that believes in our vision just as much as we do.

Every order is approached with the same care and attention that we would extend to guests and relatives who visit our homes. After all, the mindset of atithi devo bhava (the guest is equivalent to God) is a part of our Indian tradition.

Further to that, our business is operated solely within the family. We do not contract external vendors to roast the coffee for us - it’s our own team at the roastery, day in and day out, working on all aspects of MD kaapi. 

A Global Community

What started out as a way to bring authentic South Indian kaapi to Sydney has now spread far and wide. 

Our kaapis are enjoyed by customers from over 14 countries, with hundreds of 5-star ratings. From the flavour profile to the ease of using brew equipment, the knowledge we share to the quality of our service, there are several reasons why many of them have been sipping on MD kaapi for years and still keep coming back for more. 

Don’t believe us? Just check the reviews they have left. 

MD kaapi is not just for the desis abroad. We have a loving community from various cultural backgrounds who simply enjoy good quality Indian filter kaapi.

We want to make a difference in how the world enjoys filter kaapi. No cutting corners, just specialty-grade coffee sourced from India, roasted in Australia, and delivered to you ASAP. 

Experience the wonders of Malgudi Days kaapi. Discover our delicious range of specialty South Indian coffees.

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