Spring Foods to Make at Home

Spring Foods to Make at Home

Before the spring months disappear at the speed of light, we thought it’d be great to talk about some amazing spring foods that you can make at home. 

These fruits & veggies are brimming with goodness for heart health, immunity, and strength. It’s not just the perfect opportunity to add some colour to your plate but also get those much-needed vitamins and minerals that spring foods bring with them.

Mix-Veg Thoran

Thoran is a South Indian dish in which grated vegetables are cooked with coconut. Capsicum, bitter gourd, and carrots make a great combination. The most common vegetables used to make thoran are cabbage and carrots.

You can enjoy this mix-veg thoran with rice or roti. It’s a healthy and nutritious recipe to make at home with ease. 

Pudina Pulao

Pudina is a spring herb that is often added to chutneys, included in medicinal mixtures, and used as a garnish on dishes. 

While mint is not usually consumed in great quantities every day, the little that you are able to incorporate will definitely aid you. The leaves carry anti-inflammatory properties and are considered good for gut health. 

pudina pulao

Pudina pulao is as refreshing a dish as it sounds. Pair it with some onion raita, and you’ll find yourself eating every last bit of it.

Bhindi Fry

Bhindi, also known as okra or lady’s fingers, is another great source of vitamins and antioxidants. It is typically used in not just Indian cuisine but also the Middle East and some parts of Africa and the U.S. 

With spices like turmeric, cumin, and red chilli powder, you can prepare a delicious bowl of bhindi fry.

Nimbu Sharbat

Lemon is a wonderful source of vitamin C, which alone does a lot for your overall health - collagen boosts, antioxidant properties, and improves your immune system.


Nimbu sharbat, i.e. lemonade is a refreshing way to enjoy your evenings. If you add some mint leaves to it, that’s even better. All you need are 2-3 fresh lemons, sugar, salt, and water. If you don’t want to make a lemonade, you can simply drink lemon-infused water during the day to absorb the benefits of it.

Palak Pakoda

Evening time calls for a crispy, crunchy snack alongside a steaming cup of South Indian filter kaapi. What better than palak pakoda. 

Spinach comes highly recommended by nutritionists and dieticians for its high potassium and magnesium value. It also contains vitamins C and E, and is great for eye health. To make palak pakoda at home, you’d only need a few other ingredients apart from spinach - besan/ gram flour, spices, and onions.

Mango Barfi

Mangoes are not only rich in vitamins but also a good way to add fibre to your diet. They are so versatile that they can be used in many recipes, such as barfi, aam ras, pudding, milkshakes, etc. 

You can prepare mango barfi in less than 30 minutes with ingredients like freshly cut mangoes, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and coconut shavings. 

Stock up on spring veggies & fruits like leafy greens, broccoli, okra, cucumbers, mangoes, strawberries, etc. There’s no better way to improve your nutrition intake, considering you may or may not be including these foods in your daily diet at other times of the year.

Comment and tell us which are your favourite spring foods to make at home.

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