South Indian Foods for the Winter

South Indian Foods for the Winter

Winters are the perfect time to indulge in the spicier, savoury or sweet South Indian dishes that are reserved for when you need to feel warm and cosy. 

Peppers, tamarind, coconut, and lentils are some common ingredients in winter dishes. These ingredients when paired with seasonal vegetables make the dish so hearty that you can’t help but feel comforted and full.

Here are some ideas on what South Indian dishes you can make at home during the winter.

Beetroot Thoran

Beets are one of the best winter vegetables to stock up on. They are full of iron, potassium, and vitamins that improve your well-being.

The beetroot is finely chopped and stir-fried along with chillies, curry leaves, coconut, and spices. Its sweet and spicy flavours go perfectly with a plate of steamed white rice, making this a great winter dish.

Kollu Rasam

Yet another dish that is as nutritious as it is delicious, kollu rasam is a common element of the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka cuisines.  

south indian dish rasam

The word “kollu” means horse gram. This lentil-based rasam gets its flavour from pepper, tamarind, and tomatoes. Not only is it served with rice, but many also fill up glasses of rasam to soak up the energy that the horse gram provides.

Kollu rasam is also considered to be a superfood that is praised for its medicinal properties.


Although chikki’s origins can be traced back to the 19th century in a region of Maharashtra, the proximity of the state with other South Indian states is probably the reason why chikki is so popular in the south.

Made of peanuts and jaggery, this snack is great for the winter because of how fulfilling it is. You can soothe your hunger pangs and get some nutrition without having to opt for unhealthy snacks.

Your evenings become all the more enjoyable when the chikki is served with a cup of our Traditional filter kaapi - strong chicory kaapi to balance out the sweetness of chikki.

Kadamba Kootu

11 seasonal vegetables and lentils come together to form what is known as kadamba kootu in Tamil Nadu. You may also have heard of it being referred to as pongal kootu as it is prepared during the Pongal festival.

This great-for-winter dish is made with vegetables like beans, pumpkins, raw bananas, and sweet potatoes. Already, you can see why this would make for a heartwarming meal. 

Ragi Manni

Ragi manni is a pudding made with ragi (also known as finger millet). It has a jelly-like consistency and is from the southern state of Karnataka. 

An excellent source of fibre, minerals, and vitamins, ragi helps build immunity in the winter months. Tastewise, the highlight of ragi manni is the jaggery and coconut that is used in the recipe. The aroma of cardamoms makes it even more mouthwatering. 

finger millet used to make ragi manni

This dish can be eaten hot or cold depending on your personal preference. While it’s mostly considered a dessert, some people also eat ragi manni for breakfast.

Malabar Spinach Pakoda

Craving a crispy-crunchy snack in winter? You’ll love to eat this spinach pakoda dish by itself even without a chutney on the side. 

Fresh spinach leaves are mixed in a batter of rice flour, gram flour, and spices. The idea here is to deep-fry small spoonfuls of the mixture at a time. The nuttiness of the fritters along with the sweet and wholesome taste of our Heritage specialty kaapi is all you need to have a relaxing time.

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