Coffee Events Across the World

Coffee Events Across the World

When drinking coffee itself is a celebration of people and cultures, it makes sense that there would be entire festivals planned around it. From workshops to contests, these coffee festivals are an engaging way for coffee lovers to come together, discover new brews, and have a gala time.

Here are some coffee events in various parts of the world. Some of these are open to the public, and some of them are planned for members of the coffee industry.

Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE)

We had to start with the one closer to home. The Melbourne International Coffee Expo is said to be one of the largest coffee events in the Asia Pacific region. 

As you already know, Australia has a strong coffee culture. At MICE, you truly get to experience it firsthand over three days filled with activities, such as barista championships and latte art competitions.

coffee competitions and forums

Having been established in 2012, the event this year saw nearly 11,000 participants from all segments of the coffee industry - roasters, business owners, manufacturers, and so on.

Coffee equipment & technology exhibits and specialty coffee cuppings are some of the events that take place at this coffee expo. 

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Kona is a world-renowned coffee from Hawaii that draws praise from coffee lovers for its rich flavour profile.

Every November, the organisers of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival get together to host a 10-day event that is all about honouring Kona coffee. The festival is also a way of commending the hard work of the farmers and artisans who play an important role in boosting Hawaii’s coffee industry.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is held in the town of Kailua. There are farm tours and coffee tastings, cultural performances and hula shows, to name a few events that people can enjoy. 

The highlight of joining in is getting to see firsthand how coffee is made from start to finish, and getting the opportunity to sample various coffees. 

Since the entire festival is spread across many days, you can choose to attend whichever ones you want. By paying a minimal fee, you can get the festival button that allows you entry to these events.

Vienna Coffee Festival

Celebrate the rich coffee culture and history in Vienna through the Vienna Coffee Festival. An event that is as vibrant as the city's approach to the brew, the festival gives a platform to both independent roasters and well-known coffee brands.

vienna cafe.jpg

The ambience at the festival is one of merriment with street food stalls, cultural performances, and live music keeping up the excitement. 

You can experience artisanal coffee tastings and workshops in addition to discovering traditional coffee brewing methods like the Viennese Melange. 

If you are interested in trying a variety of different coffees, the Vienna Coffee Festival must be on your holiday bucket list. 


Have you always wondered what coffee competitions are like? At Cafeex, you get to watch coffee roasting and barista competitions. 

It is an annual exhibition held in different venues in China. It brings together coffee experts and the community over 3 days where brands present the best of their products be it coffee beans or gear. 

Although there might be a difference in the event schedule each year, some of the activities you can participate in are dessert workshops, latte art competitions, lucky draw, hand painting, etc.

Cafeex also organises an enlightening series of forums where visitors can learn more about the industry from a lineup of experienced speakers.

Comment and let us know if you’ve been to any coffee festivals and what your experience was like.

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