Valentine’s Day Sale Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Sale Gift Guide

Even if you are not looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, you may be considering treating yourself to some specialty South Indian filter kaapi. 

In that case, you are going to want to stay tuned to our V-Day Sale starting 14th Feb 12am, where you can get 10% off on our brew gear bundles - so more kaapi, and more ways to brew too!

Choose from these hampers that are hand-curated by our founder to create the ultimate kaapi experience regardless of your taste preferences. 

Cold Brew Bundle

Apt for the weather, cold brew is yet another delicious way of drinking coffee.

It is ideal for those who are just getting started with coffee and want to ease into the habit of consuming it regularly.

cold brew gift bundle

Alternatively, those who prefer milder and smoother flavours may also find that the cold brew method suits them better.

In our Cold Brew Bundle, you get 2 packs of the Traditional filter kaapi and one Hario Cold Brew Pot in brown. 

The Traditional kaapi is one of the most bold blends we offer. It contains chicory, making the kaapi richer. 

Steep it in water overnight or for 12-20 hours, and enjoy the bold flavours of the coffee without getting overwhelmed.

French Press Pack

The French Press method of brewing produces lovely heavy-bodied kaapis that are rich in flavour. Since the coffee grounds are steeped in hot water for some time, the oils from the roasted beans get extracted into the decoction as there is no filter to remove them from the brew.

Keeping this in mind, our French Press Pack contains 3 of our filter kaapi variants - the Monsoon, Heritage, and Mysuru blends.

These roasts each carry a memorable flavour profile that comes through beautifully when using a French press.

You can choose between the 3-cup or 8-cup version of the Bodum French Press when you purchase this bundle.

Moka Stovetop Lovers Bundle

If you are a bit of a traditionalist and prefer brewing coffee over the stovetop, this gift hamper is the one for you!

It comes with a 3-cup or 6-cup Bialetti Moka pot and 2 packs of our Heritage kaapi.

moka pot gift bundle

The moka pot uses steam to push hot water through coffee grounds, producing a brew that is concentrated and packs a punch.

If you like espressos, you will love kaapi brewed in a stovetop moka pot. 

The full-bodied nature of these coffees is the reason why we have picked Heritage kaapi for the bundle. You can enjoy the buttery mouthfeel and the richness of the chocolate, molasses, and orange tasting notes with this hamper.

We hope you or the lucky one who receives the gift cherishes the brew gear bundle to bits. Write back to us with your feedback or even tag us on IG. 

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