China Sencha Tea - Specialty Organic Teas


Experience the Delicate Flavor of China Sencha Tea

Preparation: 1.4g/100ml. Water temperature: 80 degrees. Infusion time: 2min 30sec. Best consumed without milk.

If you're a fan of green tea, you'll love our China Sencha Tea! Made from young tea leaves that have been gently steamed, China Sencha Tea is known for its delicate flavor and fresh, grassy aroma. And with our Specialty Organic Teas, you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality tea possible.

Grown on select organic farms in China, our China Sencha Tea is hand-picked and carefully processed to retain its flavorful and nutritious properties. And because it's organic, you can enjoy all the health benefits of green tea without worrying about harmful chemicals or pesticides.

We're committed to bringing you only the best-quality teas from around the world. Our China Sencha Tea is no exception. Whether you're sipping it alone or using it as a base for a delicious iced tea or cocktail, you'll love the smooth, refreshing taste and natural goodness of our premium China Sencha Tea.

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