Malgudi Days

How to prepare Malgudi Days in a stovetop

A stovetop has two parts assembled one on top of the other. For the purposes of this guide we will be using a small 4-cup Stovetop.

To brew your coffee, the traditional filter recommended ratio is 200g per litre of water, although in a stovetop you do not have much control over the ratio.Simply fill up the coffee basket with ground coffee and fill the bottom chamber with water.

you’ll see there is little room for an exact ratio.

Stove Top Brew Guide

Step 1 - Disassemble

First, disassemble the stovetop and boil a kettle of fresh water. Fill the bottom chamber of the stovetop with the hot water to just below the small safety valve.

Stove Top Brew Guide

Step 2 - Add coffee

Put the coffee basket in place and fill it with ground coffee so it is even and level. Gently pack the coffee, but do not compress it. Assemble the top chamber and make sure it is sealed well.

Stove Top Brew Guide

Step 3 - Heat

Put the stovetop on a low to medium heat, leaving the lid up. You are aiming to slowly increase the pressure, as we have already poured hot water into the bottom part.

Stove Top Brew Guide

Step 4 - Brew

Coffee should slowly start to appear in the top chamber. When you hear a loud gurgling sound, it is time to turn off the heat.

Stove Top Brew Guide

Step 5 - Pour & Serve

Stop the coffee from brewing further by holding the base of the stovetop under cold running water. Bring to boil the required amount of full cream milk & mix with the brew. The recommended coffee/ milk ratio is 40ml/ 80ml. Add sugar to suit (although we don’t!) & enjoy.