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How To Prepare a Traditional Indian Filter Coffee

South Indian filter coffee is traditionally brewed in a stainless steel South Indian metal filter with two parts, assembled one on top of the other. For the purposes of this guide we will be using a small 4-cup Indian filter.

To brew your coffee, the recommended coffee/ water ratio is 50gm/ 250ml, along with a coffee decoction/ milk ratio of 40ml/ 80ml.

The above coffee/ water ratio might be different from filter coffee norms you have seen elsewhere, because this is the traditional South Indian recipe. The coffee decoction will be extracted by gravity, similar to other filter systems.

Amma’s Brew Method

Indian Filter Brew Guide

Step 1 - Assemble

First, assemble the upper & lower chambers of the filter and boil a kettle of fresh water.

Indian Filter Brew Guide

Step 2 - Prep

Add 50g or approx. 6 tablespoons of ground coffee into the top chamber and pack it down gently with the inner retainer.

Indian Filter Brew Guide

Step 3 - Brew

Gently pour over a little hot water to wet the coffee. Wait 30 seconds before pouring the rest (250ml in total).

Indian Filter Brew Guide

Step 4 - Pour & Serve

Allow 15mins as it drips into the bottom chamber. The final decoction should amount to approx. 160ml. Bring 320ml of full cream milk to boil & mix with the decoction. Add sugar to suit (although we don’t!) & enjoy.