Why are Mysore Nuggets One of India's Best Coffee Beans?

Why are Mysore Nuggets One of India's Best Coffee Beans? Malgudi Days

It is said that lakhs of families in India flourish due to the country’s coffee trade. Lakhs! All because of their dedication to the industry and striving to create the best coffees. 

When you stop to think that India ranks as one of the top places in the world for coffee, this doesn’t seem all that surprising. From traditional filter kaapi to Monsoon Malabar and Mysore Nuggets, the country has a lot to offer in terms of coffee culture. 

You may have heard of Mysore Nuggets and never really stopped to think about what the hue and cry is all about. 

In this post, we are exploring what Mysore Nuggets are like and why they deserve all the praise they get.

What are Mysore Nuggets?

Despite what the name may suggest, Mysore Nuggets are not exclusive to Mysore, a city in Karnataka. 

Mysore Nuggets derives its name from the popularity of Mysore coffees and the superior quality of the green beans, which makes it one of India’s best specialty coffees.

It is an Indian wet-processed Arabica coffee grown in select family-owned estates in South India at a high altitude of 1200m. Much like other coffees, Mysore Nuggets are also shade-grown. What makes them more special and adds to their prestige is the fact that a lot of farms in the Chikamagalur area incorporate sustainable farming methods, increasing the quality of coffee production.

coffee production in India

These coffee beans tend to be relatively large in size, thereby being graded to be the best. 

Bababudangiris, Chikmagalur, Biligiris, Shevaroys, and Coorg are 5 regions where Mysore Nuggets plantations are found.

Known to have a greenish-blue tinge, the beans are usually medium-roasted but you’ll also find brands that offer dark roasted varieties of Mysore Nuggets coffee. 

Considering their high grade, the imperfections on the beans are limited so you won’t find the usual chipped beans or blacks in a bag of Mysore Nuggets.

Why are Mysore Nuggets Held in High Esteem?

Coffee connoisseurs have long since understood what Mysore Nuggets bring to the game.

Handpicked based on the size, lack of defects, and quality, the beans have a clean and polished appearance. Its large bean size indicates that the coffee cherries have had a better chance to grow well on the plant. Moreover, its uniform bean size allows for optimum coffee roasting results. 

Having grown at a higher altitude, the beans are not subject to heat which could impede the coffee plants’ growth. 

Mysuru Indian filter coffee

The flavour profile of coffees made with Mysore Nuggets is complex. They have a smooth mouthfeel with a medium body. The mild acidity makes it perfect for people who don’t prefer strong sour tastes in their coffee.

Our Mysuru coffee, made of Mysore Nuggets, has a rich flavour that boasts of nutty, cocoa notes and a citrus finish.

Mysore Nuggets coffees generally have a refreshing aroma that makes them appealing to a lot of people.

Akin to gold nuggets”, “single-malt equivalent”, and “best of the best” - these are all phrases used to indicate just how precious Mysore Nuggets are considered to be. And with good reason!

We hope this post helped you understand and appreciate Mysore Nuggets a bit more. They hold their own and leave a lasting impression.

If you’ve never before tried coffees made of these golden coffee beans, give our Mysuru Malgudi Days coffee a try!

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