Our New Products & Variants: Which Is Right for You?

Our New Products & Variants: Which Is Right for You? Malgudi Days

All of our amazing Malgudi Days coffees are sold in different variants, including whole bean or ground to suit Indian Filter, Stovetop or Espresso brew methods. 

We encourage you to order the whole bean and grind fresh at home. This way, the coffee remains fresh for longer. 

That great 'fresh' coffee taste lies in the oils of the coffee beans which dry up more quickly once your beans are ground. Understandably though, not everyone has a grinder, and for this reason, we are happy to supply ground for your convenience. 

Aim to use your ground coffee soon after receiving it, as more of the original intended flavours will be retained. 

In the coming weeks we are releasing our favourite tried & tested hand-grinder, so stay tuned for its release!

Indian filter coffee guide

Here's a quick guide to our variants & grind:

Traditional - Wholebean, Ground - Indian Filter only, Stovetop. We do not recommend this coffee for an espresso machine.

Heritage, Mysuru, Monsoon, Royale - Wholebean, Stovetop or Espresso. We do not recommend these chicory-free coffees for an Indian Filter (More on the science behind these recommendations in our next post).


Don't forget to double-check that you are ordering the right variant & grind for your needs. If you make a mistake, don't worry, contact us and we can correct your order.

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